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The United States is a popular expat destination From the founding of the United States to modern times that have attracted leaders, thinkers and businesspeople from around the world, the USA has found success through immigration. Now with its own distinct identity, the country is a melting pot of colours and flavours, and continues to be a favourite expat destination.

Expats moving to the USA will be exposed to one of the world’s largest economic powers, supporting more than 300 million people in 50 separate states and across six time zones.

The sign greeting immigrants at Ellis Island, one of the historic entry points, famously reads, '"Give me your tired, your poor, your humbled masses yearning to breathe free", and continues to inspire a country that still remembers its struggle for freedom.

On the flip side, the upward mobility of the USA and policy changes since 9/11 have resulted in much more selective immigration regulations, and many more expats would like to relocate than are accepted. This is by no means an exclusive group, as roughly a million people immigrate annually to America – still leaving the influx of foreigners as the leading cause of the country's population growth.

Increasing globalisation means that American businesses are often large multi-national companies and, conversely, foreign nationals work in US companies. Such an immense land area does make it difficult to generalise topics of expat consideration – like cost of living, climate and lifestyle – but there are certainly some clear cut advantages to moving to the ‘Land of Opportunity’.

Some of the benefits of living in the US include high wages and possible rewards for those with a bit of do-it-alone pioneer spirit, a safe and child-friendly environment for the family-oriented expat, and efficient infrastructure that makes systems such as education and healthcare in the USA some of the best in the world – but only for those who can afford them.

As a downside, the USA does tend to have a thin safety net and limited aid for those in need of monetary assistance. Not to mention, that competition for jobs in many US cities is intense. 

Still, expats in the USA are known to bring enthusiasm and new ideas to an economy that highly values both – there is plenty of opportunity to make a mark and live life well.

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