Moving to London

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moving to londonExpats will find few global destinations that can offer the grandeur and excitement of London. The city shines with possibility in even the tempremental weather, and offers opportunities for career development and personal discovery. Expats moving to London will encounter a multicultural, densely packed amalgamation of people working feverishly against a backdrop of cutting edge technology and two millennia of history.

London might feel physically removed from Europe but is ideally placed to do some cross-continental sightseeing. The city is also home to world-class tourist attractions, magnificent architecture, incredible theatre, concerts and art, plus beautiful expansive inner-city parks for restful summer lunch breaks. The city is also home to a wonderful array of restaurants where expats can sample cuisines from across the world.

London is the powerhouse of the UK's economy and expats will find great job opportunities in the city. Sectors that are particularly well-established in London include finance, business, law, IT, medicine and engineering, as well as more creative industries such as fashion, graphic design and media. Luckily, expats moving to London from an EU-member state are currently entitled to work in the UK without applying for a work permit.

There is no denying that London is expensive. Expats will need to ensure that their salary compensates for the high cost of living. However, finding affordable accommodation in London can be difficult. Thankfully, there are many ways in which one can save money in London as well. For instance, Londoners take advantage of the many free festivals and events that take place in the city each year. 

Many new arrivals also struggle to adjust to the less-than-perfect weather patterns, with long English winters a trial for those hailing from warmer climates. Another common expat complaint relates to one of London’s greatest accomplishments, its public transport system. Rush-hour commuting on the Tube or bus system can be unpleasant and almost certainly frustrating at times, but the network is extensive and gets people where they need to go without recourse to a car.

Expats relocating to the UK will be pleased to know that there is a wide variety of schooling options available to them. Children with parents who are legally residing in the UK have the right to attend a state-funded school without paying fees. Expats who would prefer their child to continue studying the curriculum followed in their home country are likely to find a good international school that meets their child's needs in London.
London has an enormous expat population. There are large, well-established communities of Asians, South Africans and Australians, as well as sizeable populations of American and Caribbean immigrants. The result is a dynamic, energised environment that never ceases to surprise and always values people’s skills over their origins.

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