English language schools in Cape Town

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For students eager to travel abroad and learn English it’s hard to imagine a more idyllic place to learn the intricacies of the world’s most widely spoken language than in one of the world’s most beautiful cities, Cape Town.

There are 11 officially recognised languages in South Africa, most of them indigenous. Expats can expect to find people who speak and understand English everywhere they go. English is the language of the cities, commerce and banking, government and official documents.

There has been a phenomenal increase in foreign-language visitors to Cape Town over the past decade, with many of them opting to stay longer than they had originally planned. It is not surprising then that there has been a growing need for language centres offering English language tuition and accompanying services where expats can learn English as another language.
As part of this growth, an association of quality language centres, Education South Africa or EduSA has been established. The main purpose of EduSA is to further the notion of Edu-Tourism in South Africa. Educational centres in South Africa that service both foreign and local clients are allowed the opportunity to benefit from belonging to a national organisation that has countrywide, regional and local interests at heart. At the same time, the organisation works to provide the best possible platform for promoting South Africa as a major destination for youth travel.

EduSA ensures standards of quality and professionalism, affiliation to international organisations, competitive prices, accommodation choices, exciting social programmes, and the opportunity to do more than just learn a language.

English language centres in Cape Town

Today, English language centres operate throughout Cape Town. They offer courses for general, business, academic and social purposes. Courses are geared towards adult learners but some centres do cater for younger learners as well. EduSA centres guarantee that learners will gain the maximum value from their choice of Cape Town as an English language learning and teaching destination.

The centres vary in location and size. Some are in the centre of Cape Town, others in Green Point and Sea Point or the Southern Suburbs. They take anything from 25 to 250 students at a time.

With the growing number of excellent places from which to choose to study English, Cape Town is a cultural hotspot that most modern cities across the world would be hard pressed to compete with in terms of natural beauty and ambience.

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