Moving to Delhi

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Modern New Delhi, existing just south of the old and original city, has the same multifarious characteristics that the Indian capital has held for several thousand years. The city is a tangle of crowded streets, diverse languages and beautiful architecture – the metropolis is teeming with different industries and cultures, and now a wave of enticed expats moving to Delhi adds to the eclectic nature and community of the centre.

Delhi's economy is developing at a rapid rate and the modern tall buildings and robust industries look like they are trying to leave a less developed India behind. New Delhi expats largely add to the propulsion of the economy's development, setting a pace faster than the country as a whole.

The accelerated growth of Delhi's key industries, including IT and telecommunications, means there is a high demand for experienced employees, many of whom are recruited from abroad. Corporate headquarters and expats alike move to Delhi to take advantage of a cheap, educated, English-speaking workforce, in addition to the opportunities created by the mushrooming economy.

The differences in culture in Delhi can feel confusing and alienating for some expats, whilst wonderfully multicultural and accepting for others. Perhaps more than any other major expat city, Delhi has no single culture expats must conform to. Instead, this is a city that contours around their needs. New city development is often luxury Western-styled accommodation and expats often find businesses eager to adopt Western management style.

While Delhi remains one of the most expensive locations for expats living in India, coming in second to Mumbai, the weakening of the Indian Rupee against the US Dollar has served to bring down the cost of living in Delhi. Expats will find that in New Delhi they can enjoy a comfortable lifestyle, with access to luxuries they would not be accustomed to at home for just a fraction of the cost. 

Expats living and working in Delhi will find that its beauty and diversity offer a quintessentially Indian experience.

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