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EU citizens do not need a work permit for the Czech Republic, but most nationals from other countries do require a work permit to legally take up employment in the country.

Applying for a work permit for the Czech Republic

Paperwork - applying for a work permit for Czech RepublicA work permit and a valid visa for the purpose of employment are required for foreigners who want to work in the Czech Republic. Note that foreigners need their work permit before they can apply for the valid visa.
Certain foreigners are exempted from the obligation to have a work permit, such as citizens of the EU and EEA countries as well as citizens of Switzerland, and certain family members of citizens of the above countries.

If one does not fall into one of these categories then they need to apply for either a Blue Card (for skilled work) or an Employee Card (for unskilled work). Both of these cards are dual-purpose in that they grant the holder the right to reside and to work in the Czech Republic for the specified period. Alternatively, expats may wish to apply for a work permit and a residence permit separately.
An expat first needs to find a potential job in the Czech Republic and the application for the required documentation is usually done before the expat enters the Czech Republic. Usually the successful applicant will be granted a special visa for the purposes of entering the country to pick up their Blue Card, Employee Card or work permit. Cards or work permits are valid for up to two years but can be repeatedly extended.

*Visa and work permit requirements are subject to change at short notice and expats are advised to contact their relevant embassy or consulate for the latest official details.

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