Working in Toronto

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working in toronto
Toronto is at the forefront of the Canadian working world. Not only does it act as a headquarters for all of the major banks in Canada, but it also houses well-developed film, biotechnology, finance, tourism, aerospace, software development, media and telecommunication sectors.

Toronto, like many other cities, is experiencing significant demographic changes, with a high ageing population and a low birth rate. As such, the goverment is focused on building a knowledge-based economy and hiring skilled professionals from overseas to fill shortages in particular sectors of the economy. 

Job market in Toronto

As one of the most populous cities in North America, Toronto offers many job opportunities to expats moving to Canada, especially for those who have highly developed and unique skills sets. However, those in the service and teaching industries will find a lot of competition for positions in the city.

Toronto is known as one of the world’s top financial centres and is home to the Toronto Stock Exchange, which has been ranked as one of the world’s top 10 largest stock exchanges. 

A number of manufacturing and industrial centres exist just outside of the city. Its proximity to the US high-powered industrial centre of New York has afforded Toronto the role as principle contact point between the two countries. This allows the city to easily connect and trade with the largest economy in the world. In turn, the partnership has produced extensive growth and wealth, which support the Torontonian lifestyle.

Finding a job in Toronto

The vast majority of expats who relocate to Toronto are transfered through a company they have worked for in their home country or elsewhere. Highly skilled expats are often head-hunted or manage to secure a job before moving to the city and finding accommodation.

However, those with the desire to move to Toronto will find that there are plenty of systems of support and a variety of resources to help individuals find a job in the city.

Those who haven't secured a job are advised to begin their job search at home. It is important to do the relavent research, such as visas and work permits, before deciding to make the move. Applicants should ensure that qualifications obtained abroad will be recognised in Canada before applying for a position. 

The best place to start a job search is usually online. There are plenty of job portals available and the government-run Job Bank portal is particularly useful. Online classifieds of local newspapers are also useful sources of information.

Networking and establishing connections in Toronto is very important and will certainly help new arrivals make headway in the workplace.

In Toronto, and throughout Canada, having specialised skills is a significant bonus. It can be difficult to find work without a Canadian reference. The best advice is to take what one can get, and use that initial job to build a reputation for reliability.

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