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Moving to Australasia

While moving to Australasia, an area comprised of Australia, New Zealand and neighbouring islands in the Pacific, has long been a relocation favoured by those looking to live out their twilight years amidst extensive coastlines and sunnier climes, younger ranks of the global population are increasingly interested in moving to this part of the world, as well.

For one, Australia – the largest and most populated nation in the region – has a booming economy that weathered the recession remarkably well and that depends on foreign labour to maintain climbing growth rates. Thus, expats looking for a “friendlier” job market have directed their attention to this corner of the world.

On another note, numerous cities from both New Zealand and Australia regularly top the Economist’s “Most Liveable Cities” index, a study that takes into consideration the availability of goods and services, the efficient nature of the infrastructure (health, education and public transport) and the level of safety in the destination.

Though the index doesn’t integrate cost of living or climate into the ranking, expats can rest assured that both aspects will be more enticing in Australasia than elsewhere. The region boasts an abundance of sunshine, and despite the fact that the cost of living is rising in some of Oz’s commercial centres, it remains quite moderate on the whole.

All things considered, though, some expats must prepare themselves for life a couple of time zones and a few hundred thousand miles away from their loved ones. The region is remote, and even while some cultural nuances may feel familiar (after all, at one point nearly all of Australasia was a British colony), expat life can still initially be quite isolated.

Thus, as is the case in any move, and even well after arrival, it’s always crucial to educate yourself about your destination, and to find out as much as you can about those parts of life that will undoubtedly be priorities. 

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