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Angola: Luanda


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Moving to Africa is not always the easiest relocation, but many expats find that they fall victim to unfair preconceptions of the continent, based on skewed media coverage, long before they arrive.

Sure, expat life in Africa is certainly subject to a certain degree of hardship and frustration, depending where you move to, but nonetheless, the continent that claims the cradle of humankind and the Great Rift Valley is also one that’s credited with the kind of colour and vibrancy that you’d be hard-pressed to find elsewhere.

The people are warm-hearted and welcoming, the land is dramatic and mystical and the spirit for living determined and unbridled. Unfortunately though, Africa has been the proverbial stomping ground of the developed world. As a resource-rich continent, European powers colonised much of Africa in the early 19th century. Although all 54 nations have since reclaimed their independence, the vestiges of imperialism remained in the forms of instability, corruption, violence and authoritarianism.

As a result, many countries suffer from the shortcomings of insufficient infrastructure and the corrupt practices of government and bureaucratic leaders.

The good news for foreigners is that this fact means that African nations are often lacking skilled workers in certain industries, and thus expats have lots of potential opportunities to move to Africa and earn lucrative salaries – as long as they are willing to stomach the lack of public transportation and the often disproportionately high costs of living.

Do keep in mind that no two African countries are the same, no matter how tempting it may be to group them together (a typical Western idea), so do embark on some serious research into the particular culture, cost of living and safety (among other things) of your chosen destination before you set off.

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