Will we fit in old Nice, France and be able to rent out our 2 bed apartment?

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25 July 2017


My partner and I are buying a two bed apt in old Nice or near with a terrace for apt 300,000.

We are hoping to rent it out over the summer period and stay there the rest of the time - a few questions:

1 - do you think we will easily be able to rent it out.
2 - we don't speak french but do you think we could make friends there.
3 - are there many book clubs, yoga on the each etc?
4 - I am Asian - do you think the french can be a bit bothered with that? (just wanted to know)

Thanks appreciate your reply!!

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Renting out your apartment in the summer should be easily done. The French Riviera is always popular during that time of year and if you list the place on sites like TripAdvisor and Booking.com, you should receive a good bit of business.

Not being able to speak French shouldn't stop you from meeting like-minded expats like yourselves, but even learning a little bit of the language will make it easier to navigate the city and take part in social activities. Nice is very much a tourist city, but many expats decide to settle there. Finding clubs and things to do will go hand in hand with getting to know people, and you can read more about living in Nice on our Lifestyle page.

The fact that you're Asian shouldn't impact on your time in France. You won't be especially discriminated against any more than what you can expect anywhere else, but keep in mind that the French can be a bit rude to foreigners in general. There is quite a bit of etiquette around it, and you can read up on that on our Culture Shock in France page. 

Have you spent some time in France before? If you plan on staying in Nice for the rest of the year, you should pick up some French quite easily, even if it is just enough to get around, and then you're well on your way to make friends. Do you have other friends or family in France?


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