What is the best schooling option in Oslo?

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14 June 2016

Hi, We are planning to move to Oslo and wondering about schooling for my 4 yr old daughter. Our intention is to be in Oslo for 3-4 years. I need to understand what type of school/curriculum should we go for? An International School or a local private school offering Norwegian curriculum? We are worried if we go ahead with local curriculum, how easy or difficult would be for my daughter to adapt to a different curriculum after we leave Oslo (i work for a MNC so might keep changing location). Thanks, V

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If you don't plan on staying in Norway long-term I would advise you to send your daughter to an international school that follows the curriculum that is more widely followed globally - consider the IB, British or US curricula.

Where do you plan on moving to next? Or will you go back to India?

Here are a list of international schools in Oslo for you to take a look at.


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