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  • Israel
    I have been offered a job in Israel, and my potential employer is arranging the work permit for me. I am a mecahnical designer working in the...
    2 | 2 years 25 weeks
  • Italy
    Greetings! I'm just beginning my journey to Italy. I'm going to go slow about this because it's going to be a big change for me. I am a...
    1 | 2 years 25 weeks
  • Vancouver
    From next year, I will have the possibility to work in an American company as a service technician. The company will provide me the working visa for...
    3 | 2 years 25 weeks
  • the United Kingdom
    Hello all, I've read that the town of Grantham in Lincolnshire is reasonably commutable to London and offers rather affordable housing. Can anyone...
    2 | 2 years 25 weeks
  • Mexico
    Hi! I'm a University student, studying a business and innovation topic and was interested in interviewing someone who does business (owner or worker...
    Zero | 2 years 26 weeks
  • Kuwait
    Hi I need one help. I am from India. I have got job offer of 1700 KWD per month as an Engineer in Kuwait. I am going to Kuwait this year. After six...
    1 | 2 years 25 weeks
  • Canada
    Hi there, I am from India, currently working in UAE. Having 17 months kid. What I wanted that for the better and secure future of my son thinking to...
    1 | 2 years 26 weeks
  • South Africa
    Hi, I am planning to move to Durban, I am worried about the safety life there as I am alone. I need to start a new life there. I have a job in Durban...
    4 | 2 years 26 weeks
  • Hong Kong
    Hello, I recently accepted a job offer in Hong Kong that is located in Shatin, New Territories. I am visiting Hong Kong in a few weeks and will...
    2 | 2 years 26 weeks
  • Dublin
    We'll move to Ireland in middle September. We'd be very grateful if anyone can give us some advice for good public primary schools in Dublin...
    1 | 2 years 27 weeks
  • Toronto
    My husband and I are looking to move to Toronto in the next year or so. We have a young son (currently a few months old) and a dog, who would be...
    1 | 2 years 27 weeks
  • Dublin
    We are visiting Dubline on 8th. September 2017 for 8 days. If any one can guide us to stay in any reasonable place like Bed & Breakfast included...
    2 | 2 years 27 weeks
  • the Netherlands
    Hi everyone We're planning on relocating to the Netherlands next year, and want to really do our research properly. I hope someone here can help...
    1 | 2 years 25 weeks
  • Barcelona
    Hi guys, I hope there are some expats or travellers in Spain that can help me out here. I've got a great job offer in Barcelona and I'm due...
    2 | 2 years 23 weeks
  • Ireland
    Hello! I am the mother of two British/American adult children. Father born and living in Leeds, U.K.. My Son is moving to Ireland for school, work...
    1 | 2 years 27 weeks
  • Canada
    I am currently living in India and my brother lives in Canada and is a citizen. I wish to immigrate to Canada. I am planning to join a diploma course...
    3 | 2 years 12 weeks
  • Geneva
    Looking to move July 2018. My partner is already working there in the Lausanne area. My child doesn't really speak French nor me to be honest but...
    1 | 2 years 27 weeks
  • Dubai
    Hi, I will arrive tomorrow in Dubai to work. Just curious about tour guides, if it is common there to ask. thanks
    2 | 2 years 8 weeks
  • Dubai
    Hi, I have been offered a Data Scientist job in Dubai. I want to move there with my wife, we have no kids. Salary on offer is 35K AED. Company will...
    3 | 1 year 50 weeks
  • Abu Dhabi
    How to negotiate salary without losing job? I hade this email from employer (quoted below )and I need Your help to deal with it since I'm scared to...
    2 | 2 years 27 weeks

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