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  • Turkey
    Does Turkey have a national health care system, and are expats allowed to sign-up? Also, what is the standard of care if so?
    1 | 7 years 29 weeks
  • Abu Dhabi
    I need to renew my residence permit and am Hep B positive, I've read conflicting reports on whether they test you for this still, and whether if...
    3 | 7 years 49 weeks
  • Angola
    Hi- My husband and I have just had an offer with Shell to move to Angola for a 2-year contract. It looks to be pretty gloomy place and as much as I...
    2 | 5 years 1 week
  • Japan
    I'm supposed to start Teaching English in Tokyo next month and have been getting increasingly FREAKED out given the MASSIVE earthquakes that keep...
    Zero | 8 years 46 weeks
  • Moscow
    Hi - does anyone have good/bad recommendations on buying individual health insurance in Russia that covers the European medical centers/other...
    1 | 5 years 13 weeks
  • Johannesburg
    Thinking of moving to South Africa, but worried about the safety situation in Johannesburg as I will be moving with my partner. I hear the safety in...
    43 | 5 years 10 weeks
  • Sydney
    I am planning a move to Sydney and want to find out about renting an apartment there. I will be staying with a distant relation for the first couple...
    4 | 6 years 40 weeks
  • Nigeria
    Hello, my wife has been offered a job in Lagos, Nigeria and is trying to encourage me to go with him, plus our two children! I am not sure if I am...
    4 | 7 years 11 weeks
  • I have a job opportunity in Bahrain but as you can imagine I am a bit concerned due to the recent reports of violence there. If there is anyone...
    Zero | 9 years 4 days
  • Cape Town
    We are moving to Cape Town in March and would like advise on the best international schools in Cape Town. We want to keep the children in the English...
    2 | 8 years 46 weeks
  • Cape Town
    Hi. I'm thinking about moving in to the inner City. The places I'm looking at all have great security in the building, but some don't have...
    2 | 8 years 12 weeks
  • Jeddah
    Hi. I worked in Saudi Arabia in 1998-1999. Back then I remember that women were not allowed to work (publicly), nor drive etc.   Besides the...
    1 | 8 years 47 weeks

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