Moving to Toronto from UK - what visa's are needed?

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By Becs - Posted on
12 January 2015

Hi, my husband will be looking to work in Canada this year and I believe his job as an NDT technician in the Aerospace industry, will mean he comes under the skilled workers? He is looking to be sponsored by the employer so would he need to apply for a temporary work visa or can he apply straightaway for a permanent resident visa?

We have three children of primary school age so would we have pay for schooling? Also do myself and children have to have our own visa's? If so which ones would we need to apply for.

Any advice and help would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi Becs,

If your husband is regarded as a skilled worker then he can apply for permenant residency straight away. You and your children will then need your own visas which would fall under the family visa catergory.

Learn more on the Visas for Canada page.

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Thank you Shantalie for your advice. Does it take long to process a permanent resident visa? He would come under the skilled workers and would be looking around the Toronto area for employment in the Aviation industry. Could you recommend which areas to look at outside of Toronto to live in for a family with young children?

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