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27 July 2017

Hi, me and my wife have the opportunity to move to Fano, but we have some questions and obstacles that is hard to find the best answers to.
We have friends that live in Fano who can provide a rented accommodation that we can live in, but our biggest problem is my wife is disabled enough to claim benefits here in the UK, as i have to look after her needs, what we are trying to find out is knowing we can can claim our benefits in Denmark but for how long we don't know. We also don't know if we would get enough to live on for our daily living costs, and enough for the rental side. My wife gets DLA and income related ESA and i get Carers allowance.
What we need to know is because of Brexit, would we get asked to leave when the UK leaves the EU, and it comes down to Denmark possibly looking after our monetary position, there is the possibility that i could do some part-time work, going on the proviso that all is ok where would we stand on healthcare, dentists etc.

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Hi there, in relation to the Brexit element of your question, no one can answer that for certain until the negotiations are complete between the EU and the UK, you carry the same risk as any EU citizen considering a move to the UK has right now. Nobody knows for sure how it will play out.

In relation to the cost of living, Denmark in general is considerably more expensive than the UK, just how much more depends on were in the UK you live. Your friend in FANO should be able to give you some guidance on that. There are also some cost of living comparsions websites, that can give you an indication, but they tend to only cover the major cities.

Can't advise on the benefits side of things, sorry.

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