Ireland or Scotland to establish business?

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By ADONIS - Posted on
06 July 2017


I am a European and I am planning to go to either Ireland or Scotland. I was a student in Scotland, but the fact they are not in Eurozone and soon out of EU, makes me wanting to go to Ireland.

I am planning to establish my own IT business in Ireland, I will bring a starting capital with me. My question is, it is worth the risk and go to Scotland where they have Pounds and soon out of Europe or go to Ireland where they have Euro? How difficult is to start a business in Ireland? for example rent office, store etc. Also, which area of Ireland is ideal for computer business? Dublin? Cork?

Or should I go to Scotland and establish a business there? for example Glasgow, Edinburgh?

Ireland: Unknown for me, but is in Europe and in Eurozone
Scotland: Familiar, but they will be out of Europe and they have Pounds.

So, my big dilemma, is Ireland or Scotland?

I appreciate your help, thank you.

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