Finding a job in Zurich?

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By Jissmol Jinto - Posted on
22 August 2013
Hi There,

Can anyone provide some tips for finding a job in Switzerland ? How do I get the necessary work permit ?

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My husband is a chef with eight year experience.Now working in Italy as a Italian Pasta maker since 2009.He is also searching for a job

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I am a staff nurse with two year experience in operation theatre.Now I am staying in Italy with my husband

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Hi Jissmol Jinto,

Assuming you and your husband are both Italian you won't have too much hassle working in Switzerland, because being a citizen of a EU member state you do have the right to work in the country.

When it comes to finding a job though, you might have some difficulty as companies in Switzerland need to prove that a Swiss citizen can't be hired for the position before hiring a foreigner. It will be beneficial if you can emphasise any language skills you may have when you are applying for a job in Switzeland. Speaking French, Italian or German is considered advantageous.

For more detailed information check out the Visas for Switzerland and Working in Switzerland pages.

Good luck,

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Hi shantalie'

Thank you so much for your time and consideration over 14 Years of extensive Information Systems & IT Quality Assurance experience. Expert knowledge of telecommunications, network infrastructure design, and protocols Expert knowledge in Information Systems I believe that my strong technical experience make me a very competitive candidate,please tell me how can i get skilled worker visa to Switzerland even sponsorship contract?

I appreciate your help.


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You can look for jobs at There are lots of listings for many different types of jobs, both qualified jobs and less qualified. 

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