Are there schools in Oslo that provide inclusive education for a child with autism?

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By Sunil Chadha - Posted on
09 May 2014

I am planning to take up job in Oslo. I want to know if there are schools in Oslo that support inclusive education for children with mild autism spectrum disorder? What is school attitude towards such parents and the child? What should I be ready with to take school admission there and what kind of school fee per annum I need to pay.

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Hi Sunil

Special needs education is taken seriously and dealt with sensitively in Norway. The state agency that deals with special needs education is called Statped.

The general approach seems to be including special needs children in the mainstream education system and giving them specialised attention such as access to extra courses.

To get an idea of the Norwegian education system, and some of the challenges you may face, have a look at our education and schools in Norway page.

Hope this helps, and good luck


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