Advice on shipping personal belongings to South Africa?

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17 August 2016

Hi, I will be moving to Johannesburg in November 2016. I am currently staying in Tel Aviv , Israel, and planning to post (by sea) our personal belongings (clothes, kitchen utensils, books, toys etc) in September. As the post can reach well before we arrive in Johannesburg, we are planning to send it to my colleague, who has kindly agreed to receive it. Any one has any idea if it will complicate matter with customs as I am not sending it to myself. Also, the post office here in Israel mentions that South Africa does not allow to send used clothes and shoes? Is it true, anyone has experience in sending parcel of household items via post. Thanks a lot in advance.

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Hi there,

I wouldn't advise sending anything by post to South Africa. There is a high chance it could get lost and delayed. Save yourself the stress by using a reputable shipping company.

Use the Expat Arrivals Shipping and Removals page for some useful tips.

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