Advice on moving to The Czech Republic with kids?

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By Peneapen - Posted on
13 September 2016

Hi, I've been thinking of moving to the Czech Republic. I am English with a Czech wife. My only concern at the moment is kids. I have 3 aged 12, 10 and almost 3. Any experience of anyone moving and adjusting to schools etc? They do speak Czech but schooling has all been in the uk until now. Thanks

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Hey Stephen,

Education in the Czech Republic is said to be of a high quality, plus it has the advantage of being free if you are a legal resident of the country. Personally, I think it's always an excellent idea to put expat children into a local public school if at all possible as it really helps them to assimilate into the local culture and is a brilliant way for them to become familiar with the language quickly. As your children already speak Czech, they have a headstart. The move will still take some adjusting to, as all big moves do, but you'll be starting on a good footing. For more info about the Czech schooling system you can have a look at this short guide.

Best of luck with your move.

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